5 Tips for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to make sure that your day is full of love and celebration! So, what’s the trick? Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, Valentine’s Day is a lot more than just bouquets and chocolate boxes. Here are a few tips from us to make sure that you have the most meaningful day yet!

#1 Celebrate with Friends, Family and Pets! After all, love does come in many forms. Have fun and celebrate with those that hold special meaning in your life! Grab a good cup of coffee, hit the town in search of the best cheesecake, or curl up to a good movie with your favorite furry friend – whatever you decide to do, spend your day with someone in your life who brings you joy.

#2 – Get Active. You don’t have to go to the gym for two hours for this one – although you definitely could! Spend time outdoors or doing an activity outside of your normal routine. Invite a friend for a walk, be a tourist in your own city, or spend the afternoon in the park. You know the things that you have always wanted to do, but say you never have the time? Do them today and invite a friend to join you!

#3 – Express Yourself. There are so many ways you can express the love you have for your family, friends, and significant others on Valentine’s Day. Tap into your creative side! Draw a picture, sing a goofy (or serious!) song, write a letter, or make a card – the options are endless! You don’t have to be the most artistic person to express yourself either; thoughtful gifts that you make yourself are the best kind!

Valentines-Day-Card-Blog-Pic-2 5 Tips for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day


#4 – Prepare a Home-Cooked Meal for your loved ones, or do it together! What brings everyone together better than food? Invite friends, family, and loved ones over to share a meal. Maybe you cook your signature dish, or maybe you decide on potluck style dinner – whichever it is, it’s sure to be a hit! Complete the meal with a scrumptious dessert and everyone will surely feel loved.

Valentines-Day-Dinner-Blog-Pic-3-683x1024 5 Tips for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day


#5 – Volunteer. It’s easy to forget that Valentine’s Day may be a holiday where many people feel alone. Don’t let this be the case with those around you! Bake a giant batch of cookies and share them with your neighbors and coworkers. Take a handful of Valentine’s Day cards to the children’s hospital. Run an errand or two for your elderly neighbor – and better yet, ask them if they’d like to join you! Stop by your local drug store and purchase small soaps and shampoos to take the nearest homeless shelter. Volunteering your time and sharing your heart in ways like this is not only a perfect way to show love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day, but we’re pretty sure you’ll feel good knowing you made a small difference in someone’s day.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve still got several days to decide how you will show love and celebrate those around you this Valentine’s Day! Don’t limit yourself with flowers and chocolates. Instead, invest in the happiness of those around you and your Valentine’s Day is sure to be full of love!