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Rebekah Morgan

Rebekah is a Master Trainer/Fitness Instructor. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and dancer, Bekah learned how to condition her body at a young age. In 1999 she started teaching step aerobics at her college and was hooked! Since then Bekah has turned her love of fitness into a passionate career. She has master certifications in personal training, group fitness, TRX suspension training, nutrition, boot camps, and much more. Bekah developed quite a following in southwest Florida and now lives in Raleigh N.C. She created her signature BEKAH’S BUTTS & GUTS WORKOUT which has proven to be an extremely successful way to target women’s “problem areas.”

Bekah says, “I absolutely LOVE your bars and recommend them to many of my clients at the gym.” She has been purchasing the bars for years online. She has been attending lunch & learn corporate wellness seminars lately and have been recommending Grab the Gold to everyone who attends the seminars. She believes Grab the Gold are one of the best options available. Bekah says that “they taste amazing and that is very important to women. If something does not taste good they will not eat it!”

Visit Rebekah Morgan’s fitness website and find out more about her!

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Sandra Koulourides, M.S., R.D.

Sandra is a registered dietician.

“I absolutely LOVE Grab the Gold Bars and recommend them to all of my clients. They are by far the best bar on the market.”

First, they taste amazing. Through the years I have been introduced to many bars and I have yet to find one bar that can compare to the clean, fresh taste of a Grab The Gold Bar.

Secondly, the ingredients are minimal and real. There is nothing artificial added. You can taste the difference.

Lastly, the nutrient breakdown is a perfect balance of carbs, protein and fat. With 11 grams of protein per bar, Grab the Gold Bars can be a delicious part of meals or snacks for you and your family.

Grab the Gold bars…simply the best!

Founder of Fuel + Fitness, Author of Fuel + Fitness – The Total Package book
Creator of Horizontal Conditioning class and DVD series.

Read more about Sandra here.

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Shoshana Treichel

Shoshana was first introduced to Grab The Gold while she was teaching yoga at Hot Yoga Plus and Gold’s Gym in Tennessee. She loved the product so much that she teamed up with Grab The Gold for her epic Cool Springs New Years class of 2014 where 70 students were introduced to Grab The Gold.

Shoshana worked as a competitive bodybuilder, is currently an NPC judge of physique competitions! She is a Nutritionist who has developed physical education programs for various universities. She is a top personal trainer with a specialty in post rehab as well as sport specific training. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Hot Yoga and developed yoga programs for studios nationwide. She is enrolled in a yoga therapy program in India and opening a yoga studio in Mobile, Alabama. Shoshanna is constantly striving to promote health and wellbeing in our industry.

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Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed my Grab The Gold Snack Bar! It had a deliciously chocolate taste and was very filling. I couldn't believe I was eating something gluten free. I'm going to tell all my friends and colleagues about this bar.

Simply Delicious!!!!!

I love Grab the Gold bars! I'm a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor so I'm always on the run! These bars give me the extra energy I need to keep going all day! Best part is that they taste like a no bake cookie but without all the calories of... Read More

I love Grab the Gold bars! I’m a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor so I’m always on the run! These bars give me the extra energy I need to keep going all day! Best part is that they taste like a no bake cookie but without all the calories of a real cookie! This is the ONLY protein bar that I recommend to my friends and clients!

Love Grab the Gold!!!!

Consumed the first box in less than a week. Grand kids pack them for school snack. We like the flavor and consistency - soft and chewy. Great product!

Scrumptious - Highly Recommended

I love to find snacks which are high in protein. These little nuggets are delicious! A friend recommended them to me and I have passed along samples to my family and friends. Thank you for making a tasty, healthy, high in protein snack!

High Protein Yummy Snack!

Grab the Gold bar is a nutrition source of energy for a workout, snack,or a morning start to the day. I have shared these bars with my clients and they will be ordering the bars in the future. The bars taste good and are satisfying!

Highly recommended!

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