Matt Hewett

CrossFit Affiliate Cup Champion

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We are thrilled to introduce our very first Grab The Gold athlete, Matt Hewett of CrossFit Team Mayhem Freedom!

Out of all of the protein bar options to choose from today, we are so excited and honored that Matt makes Grab The Gold his bar of choice.

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Hometown: Dresden, TN
College: University of Tennessee Martin

College Sport/Background: I played football towards the end of my college career at UT Martin. Doing that, I became really interested in the strength and conditioning field and helped out with the program there. Then, I got an internship at UT as the Strength Coach. That’s where I started doing CrossFit and really getting interested in everything. I started looking for jobs later and there happen to be an opening in Cookeville at Tennessee Tech as the Strength and Conditioning coach. I continued to pursue CrossFit while getting my masters in Exercise Science Health and Wellness.

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Personal Bests

Squat 475
Clean 355
Snatch 265
Grace 1:35
Fran 2:09
5k 20:10
Fight Gone Bad 455
400m :53 seconds

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 4 Years, and I started competing in CrossFit about 6 months after I started.

Why did you choose compete in CrossFit? I started watching videos and comparing stats – then I realized that I could push myself to compete with those athletes. I’m a pretty competitive person and it was another avenue to pursue after high school and college sports. It’s a great way to demonstrate what you can do and measure your goals. I’m always striving to be good at everything, but not great at one thing – since CrossFit doesn’t focus on one specific skill or muscle, it’s been the perfect way to improve in multiple areas.

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What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? Winning the 2015 CrossFit Affiliate Cup Championship.

What are you listening to? Country, Christian Radio, Bob Seger Radio, Hillsong Radio

How is your approach to the 2016 CrossFit games different than your approach to the 2015 games? Last year, we had small goals – the main goal being to just make it to the games. Even at the games, when we saw we were staying strong, we stayed the course with just “small” goals at a time. We wanted to be top 10, then top 5 – then when we realized we could actually win the entire thing. This year, our goal is much higher. We’re going into the games to defend our cup and bring it home again.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to other CrossFitters? Always have fun with your workouts. Sometimes it can feel stressful or like a job, but it’s really important to just get to the gym and have fun with it.

What the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit? Do it! Find a local affiliate who is respected and see if they offer a free class. Pay attention to how the coaches talk to the athletes and how the athletes respond to the coach. It’s important that you workout at a place with a respectable coach and respectful athletes.

What advice can you give to someone who’s thinking about competing in CrossFit? Try small competitions first to see how you’re doing. Don’t quit your day job. See if you like it for a while before you get too serious.

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How do you Grab The Gold? I start everyday at 4AM and walk the dog and eat a Grab The Gold right before my workout. I’ll eat one in the afternoon before a workout and then one right after. Sometimes I’ll eat 4-5 a day!

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