Our Philosophy

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Our Story

Grab The Gold Snack Bars were created by Danielle Ontiveros when she was just 16 years old while looking for a breakfast alternative.

From that humble beginning, she began her quest to bring the best tasting snack bar to the world. She was originally based in New Orleans, Louisiana but lost her home in Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The outpouring of love and concern from Nashville-area customers brought her to Franklin, Tennessee where she now lives and manufactures the product.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide high quality delicious protein snacks to the world. This is a family based business. Our team members and customers become like family because we believe life isn’t just about what you do but who you do it with. Building good relationships and acting with good will and a positive attitude are the foundation of our beliefs.

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Giving Back

We believe in in the Circle of Life. The world is one giant community, intertwined and connected. What we do in our local community affects the whole. If we can raise someone up, support them, lend a helping hand, then we have assisted countless others. Sharing is one of the first lessons we learned as children. Just as you make it possible for us to continue our business, we in turn, reach out and share.

As our business grows, we add more organizations and/or increase the amount of our contributions.

We make donations every month to several causes on behalf of the entire Grab The Gold family. And you are part of that!

  • Second-Harvest-small-208x300 Our Philosophy
  • Meals Contributed
    Totaling $5,400
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  • Amount Contributed
    Since 2010
  • vanderbilt-logo Our Philosophy
  • Bars Donated
    Between 2010-2016
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Whenever you support small businesses and local products, you strengthen the economy.

Grab The Gold is proud to be a small business run with family values and integrity. Our core belief is that every person is a friend. Business should not be work. It may take up the better part of our weekdays so we should enjoy it by being relaxed, friendly, helpful, positive and productive.

We are located in Franklin, 15 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee. We are blessed and happy to live here within this generous and friendly community. So we proudly display the Department of Agriculture’s “Pick Tennessee” logo.

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About You

We have a vision and a mission.

You are the one who brings it to the rest of the world.

We are a team and a family.

We are the product. You are the power.

We have been making Grab The Gold for over 20 years.

How does a small, woman-owned business continue to grow without any advertising or marketing in a competitive market?

It is because of YOU! You share and spread the word about our product. Each and every customer we have spoken to or emailed is loyal, enthusiastic, appreciative and excited.

Thank you! We love you as much as you love Grab The Gold!

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