The Juicing Craze: What’s it really about?

In case you haven’t heard, juicing is IN! So what’s it all about? Are there really that many benefits to drinking your fruits and veggies as opposed to just eating them? Absolutely. There are numerous benefits to juicing, but the best (and maybe most obvious!) is that drinking freshly made juices is the most efficient … Read more

Franco’s Gulf Coast Games

Grab The Gold is excited to be sponsoring the Crossfit Athletes competing in this year’s annual Franco’s Gulf Coast Games! Are you in the Mandeville, Louisiana area? Stop by the games this Saturday, June 18th to see over 600 athletes compete for the Crossfit title! Grab The Gold is proud to be one of the products … Read more

Reminders for a safe and hydrated summer

Are you training for a fall race that requires you to work out during the hot summer months? We’ve got a few tips and tricks on the importance of hydrating to keep you active and healthy during those days that get up to 95+ degrees! Don’t let the heat discourage you from that early evening … Read more

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