Who said finding Gluten-Free Resources had to be hard?

Grocery shopping isn’t usually something people would label “fun,” but can you imagine how difficult it would be if you had severe allergies or dietary restrictions that prevented you from purchasing the bulk of food products that grocery stores carry? Maybe that’s hard for you to think about, or maybe you are the grocery shopper … Read more

Want to see Grab The Gold behind the scenes?

Yesterday, our friends at WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville stopped by to visit Danielle and get the scoop on Grab The Gold snack bars. Are you interested in seeing how Grab The Gold makes it all the way to your Kroger shelves, your Smoothie King counters, or your doorstep? Stay tuned! You’ll see the process … Read more

Are you curious about a protein snack bar that thinks it’s a no-bake cookie?

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