Making festive Halloween treats – without the sweets!

Who doesn’t love indulging on Halloween candy this time of year? We certainly do! It’s so easy to eat a handful of fun-sized candy – but what about making some healthy treats to celebrate instead? We’ve found a few fun and creative snacks that you can make to substitute all of the sugary candies that … Read more

One Week Only! HUGE Sale on Grab The Gold Snack Bars

Attention Kroger Shoppers! Are you only of the many customers that purchase Grab The Gold from your local Kroger Store? If so, listen up! For one week only, select Kroger’s have placed Grab The Gold on sale for only $1.79 per bar! It’s the lowest price that Grab The Gold has ever been sold at … Read more

The Benefits of Pumpkin

Yes, you read that right! There are actually more benefits to pumpkin other than pretty porch decorations – and what better time of year to start using pumpkins for added health than autumn! (And no, we don’t mean just drinking a pumpkin spiced latte in the morning!) If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, … Read more

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