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Grab the Gold CEO finds snack bar success in Williamson Snack bars aren’t usually the stuff that inspirational stories are made of, but they are in the case of Danielle Ontiveros. At the age of 16, Ontiveros walked into her mom’s kitchen, took some ingredients from the pantry and began to piece together a recipe … Read more

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Today, we’re honored that The Brentwood Rotary Club asked Danielle to speak on behalf of Grab The Gold and share her incredible story of success. As Grab The Gold is entering its 27th year in business, there are lots of new and exciting things on the horizon here. Are you familiar with our history? In … Read more

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It’s time to stock up on Grab The Gold at the lowest price ever! Yep, you read that right! For the week of January 18th-24th, Kroger will be selling Grab The Gold for $1.79! Before you run to your nearest store, be sure to check out our Store Locator. Participating Kroger Locations will be marked … Read more

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