7 Ways For Your Family To Celebrate Year-Round

Earth Day is April 22nd, but why let that be the only day you celebrate and give back to our planet? As of yet, this is the only planet we have to call home. So let’s ensure that it will be sustainable for our loved ones, generations from now.

Not sure how to help? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled 7 family-friendly and FUN ways to celebrate our planet year-round!

grab the gold earthday plant a tree

Purchase a few seedlings and take the kiddos to plant a tree 🌱

I remember my parents took me to do this one year for Earth Day and I’ve never forgotten it. The great thing about this is you don’t have to wait for Earth Day each year to make a difference. It can be done anytime.

If you’re local to Tennessee you can learn how to purchase seedlings here. Otherwise, visit your state’s Department of Agriculture website to learn more.

grab the gold earthday pick up garbage

Volunteer to help clean up local parks & recreation areas 🗑

Our parks, creeks and outdoor areas are often overrun with trash and debris. Which means caring citizens like yourself are needed to help combat the issue. You can organize your own clean-up crew, or you can find a group that’s already in place. Websites like earthday.org offer sign-up opportunities filtered by zip code. Or, if you’re in the Nashville area check out: Community Beautification.

earth day event

Find a local Environmental Project to support…

It doesn’t take much digging to find a cause. A quick Google search will give you a list of ideas, and once you find a support-worthy project, you’ll feel great! If for some reason you find yourself stuck, check out your state’s EPA website. Here you can look up location-specific environment info that will guide you to a project you might be interested in.

grab the gold replant a tree

Re-Plant a tree to keep urban areas green 🌳

Each year thousands of trees are lost in storms, tornados and other natural disasters. But luckily, nonprofits like Nashville Tree Foundation exist to help replant trees after unfortunate events. They host events year-round and ensure a greener city for years to come.

If you’re looking to help in a location near you, check out Recovery Projects hosted by the Arbor Day Foundation and their intuitive & interactive map provides a great visual locator.

grab the gold clean drinking water

Help ensure we all have clean water to drink 💦

In Middle Tennessee alone, 3 million people and thousands of species depend on clean water from the Cumberland River. Fortunately, the Cumberland River Compact exists to ensure safe drinking water and protection of river species. But to keep doing what they do, they need help from people like us. Take a look at their volunteer opportunities today! Not in the Tennessee area & looking for opportunities? Check out Clean Water Action, here you can filter by state and region to learn more.

Grab The Gold – Responsible Sourcing 2021 04 21 13 41 05

Buy from companies who source ingredients responsibly

Responsible sourcing is incredibly important to protect our future. Plus it’s an easy way to celebrate our planet. Where our ingredients are sourced from is just as important as how our products are made! Grab The Gold is committed to protecting resources and giving back. Check out our commitment to sustainability here and know you’re getting a product made with everyone’s future in mind.

grab the gold chico bag annettee

Shop with a reusable bag to help reduce your plastic waste 🌎

Millions of single-use plastic bags get tossed each year, contributing to landfills or worse yet, they end up floating around our streets and waterways. But you can make a difference by using a reusable bag next time you head to the grocery store. Amazing companies like ChicoBag offer sustainable solutions for minimizing waste.

At Grab The Gold, we joined with ChicoBag for the creation of our reusable drawstring backpack made from 100% recycled materials. Grab one here to stuff full of goodies and reduce your carbon footprint today!

We could go on and on but these are just a few ideas to get you started. Hopefully now, you’re ready & well-equipped to celebrate #EarthDay and keep the momentum going year-round!  

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