A Priceless Recommendation by a New York Times Best-Selling Healthy Lifestyle Author

The Lose Your Belly Diet book by Dr. Travis Stork

A few days before Christmas, we received a call from a new customer who said she wanted to buy our Grab The Gold snack bars because they were recommended in Dr. Stork’s new book. Talk about an early Christmas present!

Dr. Travis Stork is the host of the TV show The Doctors as well as the author of several best-selling books on diet and health.

We were thrilled that Dr. Stork mentioned our product in his book! We promptly found his quote: “When I’m exercising, I love Grab The Gold bars, which are made by a small company near my home in Tennessee (shop.grabthegold.com) and taste like a touch of heaven to me. And no, I’m not on their payroll! I’m just a big fan.”

Needless to say, we were speechless because we had no idea that Dr. Stork is a fan. We are humbled and very grateful for the mention.

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Right away, we wanted to know more about his new book: The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life. It is a simple, clear plan with lots of great information about our “Little Buddies” which is what Dr. Stork calls the good bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract.

Gut health is fascinating! I am sure you have heard something about probiotics and the benefits of foods like yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. Science is just tapping into the huge role that bacteria in our gut plays in our weight, immune system and overall health.

The Lose Your Belly Diet book includes diet recommendations, meal plans, and recipes that will help feed and protect your gut microbes. Dr. Stork outlines simple steps and food swaps that will help you lose that stubborn fat around your belly. And it’s all because your body is healthier and functioning better!

Dr. Travis Stork is a board-certified ER physician, New York Times Best-Selling Healthy Lifestyle Author, and host of The Doctors TV show.