Big News – announcing our first Grab The Gold Athlete!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our very first Grab The Gold athlete, Matt Hewett of Crossfit Team Mayhem Freedom!

Over the past year, Matt has been choosing to Grab The Gold between his high intensity Crossfit workouts with Team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom. After winning the Affiliate Cup at the 2015 Crossfit games, he and his team are well on their way for this year’s competition!

After placing first in the Central Regionals

(by nearly 100 points!), Team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom has been training hard to prepare for the upcoming 2016 games July 19th-24th!

Out of all of the protein bar options to choose from today, we are so excited and honored that Matt makes Grab The Gold his bar of choice.

We’re anxiously awaiting the start of the Crossfit games next week to cheer on Matt and Team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom! Will you be watching? Catch the live stream here and follow Matt and his team on social media!

Want to know more about our Grab The Gold athlete? Stay tuned next week to find out more about Matt and what fuels him!

Matt’s Instagram

Team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom’s Instagram

Get to Know the Team!

Grab The Gold Blog-Pic-3-300x258 Big News – announcing our first Grab The Gold Athlete! Grab The Gold Blog-Pic-2-244x300 Big News – announcing our first Grab The Gold Athlete! 

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