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September has brought a new energy to FIVE12 STUDIO and I’m going to embrace it. Where the rest of 2014 has been beyond challenging, I’m going to try really hard to make the last quarter the pre-game for 2015.

One thing I’m embracing is being more active. My job consists of sitting and working at a computer most of the day (freelance living). Though I’m not new to working out, I realized I need to work out, especially having PCOS.

This also includes drinking more water, eating more vegetables, getting more protein, less processed food, cutting down on meats (I don’t know if I’m going to be vegan again or not, but it’s possible) and sleeping.

I’ve been hitting the local gym for a few months and I love that a) I get out of the house and b) there are classes I take throughout the week where I can meet other people (I’m loving my barbell strength class) and c) I can get a good workout during the summer months inside, because it’s so freakin hot outside. I also downloaded workout apps like Sworkit that I can do if I can’t make it to certain classes that day.

I started eating 45 minutes after a workout so I don’t binge later. However, grabbing leafy dark greens isn’t always easy because I hit the showers afterward, so having a go-to protein bar that’s gluten free and vegan like

Grab the Gold is handy and simple to keep in my bag.

It’s full of NOs (No gluten, no dairy, no fructose corn syrup, no trans fats) so I don’t feel guilty eating eat it (because who wants to work out then feel guilty about the food they eat afterward?). It’s like eating a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie that’s good for you and it doesn’t taste like cardboard. Success.

I’m also learning to take more breaks from the Internet, (it’s a process). Getting back into drawing, painting, writing, and sewing are just a few things on the list, but I’m learning to take breaks.

How do you take breaks from your daily work?

Until next time,


Thank you Grab the Gold for providing samples. For more information, visit Grab the Gold ‘s site. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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