Former Vice-President Al Gore Grabs The Gold Every Day!

I was surprised to get an invitation to the Saturday night backyard BBQ of Al Gore. And even more surprised to find the reason for the invite: he Grabs The Gold every day!

While every customer is golden to me, it does give a kick of excitement each time I find out that Grab The Gold has made it into the hands of the rich and famous, the powerful or even the infamous!

This invitation was such an honor and I made the most of it. My boyfriend and I arrived at Al Gore’s house only minutes from our home. Passing through the entry and down the hall, lined with family photos, we made our way through the kitchen and dining room to the backyard which was elegantly appointed. A white tent covered the majority of the backyard with cloth-covered tables and chairs. A grand piano was set up (later to be played all night long by a throaty songstress from Mississippi) and hundreds of guests were mingling, excitedly engaged in conversations. The atmosphere was electric. People were friendly and open. Not knowing anyone there at first, we merged into the crowd and began asking people about themselves.

Then as we neared the edge of the crowd, I spotted Al Gore, looking relaxed and happy, sitting on a stone wall around his garden with his beautiful girlfriend, Liz. I didn’t want to intrude on his solitude. However we did approach them and introduced ourselves. His eyes lit up and an excited conversation began between Al Gore, Liz and myself.

I can now credit his girlfriend, Liz Keadle, for introducing Grab The Gold to Al Gore! She has been an avid supporter since she was introduced to the snack bar at Canyon Ranch Day Spa by their nutritionist. Al Gore told me he keeps a box of Grab The Gold upstairs in his home, a box downstairs and many bars in his briefcase.

I can say Al Gore throws a great party! His guests were energetic and lively. We had a wonderful evening of music and good company, making many new acquaintances. Al Gore is personable and supportive. He told the Grab The Gold story to many and pointed me out. The highlight of the evening was when he proclaimed the Grab The Gold story to be A Great American Story. Thank you, Al Gore. And thank you to each and every person who supports Grab The Gold. I am humbled to be a part of this story that continues to grow.

Best In Health,
Danielle Ontiveros, CEO and Founder

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