Grab The Gold is Giving Back $10,000 to Fight Hunger

Giving back is a core value at Grab The Gold.

It’s summer! School is out, schedules have calmed down, and kids are enjoying a break. What’s not to love?

Hunger. It’s not something we think about often. Each summer, hundreds of kids will go hungry without having access to their school lunches. Did you know that 1 in 5 Tennessee children are faced with hunger every day?

Giving Back Happy Child Eating Food provided by Second Harvest Food Bank because of Hunger Free Summer Program
1 in 5 Children in Tennessee Face Hunger Daily

Here at Grab The Gold, we are passionate about giving back to Second Harvest Food Bank to completely eliminate this statistic! The best part? As a Grab The Gold customer, YOU help us make a difference!

This year, Second Harvest Food Bank launched a program called The Hunger Free Summer. Families around the middle Tennessee area can find where free meals are being served throughout the summer for children. The campaign kicked off this year at Madison Library and was a total success! Kids were served a delicious lunch and even watched a puppet show followed by a book reading. You can check out a video of the day here!

Giving Back: This year, a hunger free summer is possible because of customers like you!

We are so grateful to have wonderful customers who support a small, woman-owned business. You allow us to partner with organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank.

Because of your purchases, Grab The Gold donated $10,000 to The Hunger Free Summer!

Giving Back Happy Child Eating Food provided by Second Harvest Food Bank because of Hunger Free Summer Program
Donate to Help Feed Local Children

You can learn more about the Summer Food Service Program and where to find free meals throughout the summer. If you are interested in giving back, every dollar is appreciated and goes to feed a local child.

You help make a difference, just by the snack you enjoy. When you choose Grab The Gold, you choose to combine gratitude with great taste and can feel good knowing that your purchase makes a difference.

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