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I Review Grab the Gold (a gluten-free protein bar)

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I have had protein bars in the past, but I have never had a gluten-free protein and nutrition bar as delicious as GRAB THE GOLD and that is a solid fact.

On the website, which you can get to by clicking HERE, they claim ‘instant and sustained energy’ and this more true than for any bar I’ve ever had.

GRAB THE GOLD may be a delicious guilt free snack, but it can’t be too guilt free when all you want to do is eat the whole box.

Gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, GRAB THE GOLD lives up to it’s name…. holy shit, I just figured out why these little snacks are shaped like hockey pucks. Or more specifically gold medals. “Grab the Gold” I get it now. Boy am I dumb.

Peanut butter and chocolate chips are pretty close to the best combination for any food and Grab the Gold really does pull this off perfectly. Unlike a lot of the other bars, Grab the Gold has no weird chemical after taste or even hidden taste that sometimes might linger in the food. I always tend to find this is with gluten-free protein bars, but not this time around. Grab the Gold was an amazing surprise and one I would gladly go through again and again, it’s just too bad I powered through the entire box.

I’m a big guy, and sometimes small energy bars don’t work as well for me. They kick in, but don’t last all that long. I felt a good three-hour-power when I consumed Grab the Gold and no crash. It’s something that 3 of the other bars of another company might try to do (hell, my beard alone is it’s own person).

Gotta keep energy up so I can grow this beard

I work outdoors and when I was asked to review Grab the Gold, I was going into my busy season of raking leaves and cutting trees and getting everything ready for the Spring and then Summer and I was eating two bars daily. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon and I felt ALIVE. It was a great combo of energy and smart tasting food (I’ve never described food as tasting smart before, so you know I am serious about this). A good body needs to be aware and active while wearing heavy boots and slinging chainsaws, Grab the Gold did just the trick.


STORY TIME: I remember I was at the end of my box of Grab the Gold and my family was getting ready to go out. Wherever that was isn’t the important part, what is, is that even after the breakfast and the coffee and the inspirational self-talk I gave myself, I couldn’t muster the energy to get going or be excited. I lamented to myself that I wished I had another Grab the Gold… and then it happened, at the bottom of the pantry I found one. My day was saved, not just by the gluten-free food and power/energy it would provide me to kick start my day, but because they taste that good. I told you it’s chocolate chips and peanut butter right?

Spending time with my four year old daughter is a job in itself, running around and pretending to be a ninja while she’s a princess to be saved. Then toss in her little buddies to that melting pot and I am one run down and ragged Dad. Grab the Gold kept me alive on more than one occasion and it TASTES GOOD. I can’t stress how much I love these little gold medal shaped protein guys.

My kid has more energy than I ever will.

Final words: get in on these Grab the Gold bars. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, I want to guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Because let’s face it, we have all been searching for the best tasting gluten-free protein bar, and I found it. So, I win. Now I want all of you to win.

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