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A Local Berry Hill non-profit helping women of all ages and income levels to learn to eat healthily and lose weight safely. According to https://betterdoctor.com/ Nashville, TN is the 5th unhealthiest City in the USA. In Tennessee we are well aware of the obesity problem and a local non-profit is stepping up to help residents learn new habits for healthier living. The New Beginnings Center is helping women by transforming their lives through strength, fitness, and health regardless of their age or ability to pay. The New Beginnings Center’s mission is “to improve Tennessee statistics with a targeted focus on women’s health needs. By providing access to wellness programs, strength training, physical and nutritional education, and personal coaching, New Beginnings gives qualified low-income women the tangible skills, training, and empowerment needed to assist them in improving their health, futures, capabilities, and quality of life.”

The Program Director Natasha Weddle believes that “getting strong is empowering.” By offering exercise and nutrition counseling, women can become not only physically stronger but gain a sense of control over their own destinies.

Weddle came to the realization, “that without self-confidence, no amount of talent or training could bring personal success or satisfaction.” She set out to teach self-reliance, courage, and resilience by expanding strength and fitness coaching beyond physical training.

A New Beginnings Center client, Gail, said “I am blessed to be one of the scholarship clients in the New Beginnings program. This opportunity means so much to me because I am a single parent and would not be able to afford to work with a personal trainer. I am growing so much with my experiences in New Beginnings, not just physically, but spiritually as well. This is truly a life-changing experience for me.

We are excited to have this great new addition to our community.

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