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Why this Franklin-based snack bar company changed its look

By Julia Faulkner  – Editorial intern, Nashville Business JournalJun 26, 2017, 12:30pm EDT

Grab The Gold founder Danielle Ontiveros hopes a new look for her snack bar will help grow business.

Her chocolate chip cookie-like concoction has grown from a 1990 kitchen experiment to a product now distributed to stores across the U.S. Grab The Gold experienced 40 percent growth in the past year, and Ontiveros’ team is working to increase that growth rate to 50 percent by making some branding changes.

Ontiveros has invested about $50,000 to transform the product’s presentation into a simpler yet more informative design. The Franklin-based company added additional nutritional information to the wrapper, simplified the product display box and updated the bar’s website and other related advertising.

“I feel very strongly that it’s going to benefit us in the long-term because the product is going to speak to people who don’t know about the product,” she said.

Ontiveros declined to share revenue, but described Grab The Gold has a multimillion-dollar company.

Increased attention to nutrition facts has made label-reading an essential ritual among healthy snack buyers, and this is opening up an opportunity for Grab The Gold, Ontiveros said. The company’s new design emphasizes the product’s organic, all-natural ingredients and aims to capture a new pool of health-conscious customers.

Ontiveros, now 42, conceived the idea for her snack bar business in New Orleans when she was 16. By the time she was 19, the business had begun growing. Ontiveros hired her first employee 25 years into business and now employs three full-time and 10 part-time employees. Ontiveros spent years running the company in Louisiana until Hurricane Katrina brought her and Grab The Gold to Nashville in 2005.

Ontiveros said her decision to move to Nashville was influenced by customers who reached out to her after she lost her home. She received email after email offering ways to help and urging her to move her business to Music City.

“I’m really here because of the kindness of strangers,” she said.

Competition among snack bar brands has certainly increased since Grab The Gold’s early days, but Ontiveros said she is not concerned about market share. She said the bigger challenge has been keeping up with the company’s growth.

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