New CrossFit Mayhem Gym Opening!

Last year, we were thrilled to officially announce our very first Grab The Gold sponsored athlete, Matt Hewett of Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. Since then, we have been able to watch Matt and Mayhem Freedom excel in their training and also bring home (for the second time!) a first place win at the CrossFit Games.

Grab The Gold crossfit-gtg-03-1024x724 New CrossFit Mayhem Gym Opening!

Recently, we were able to visit Rich Froning Way in Cookeville, Tennessee for the big opening of the new Mayhem Freedom Gym! They celebrated with other teams and held their own CrossFit Competition. We were so excited to be there and represent Grab The Gold on behalf of Matt.

We’re thrilled to be a small part of the CrossFit community here, and look forward to the next season of CrossFit Games! Want to know more about our athlete? Click here to read what motivates Matt as a CrossFit Athlete!

Grab The Gold crossfit-gtg-02 New CrossFit Mayhem Gym Opening!

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