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Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me and my family. I exercise regularly and try to eat wholesome food and snacks. Sometimes snacking can pose a problem and choosing unhealthy treats can happen easily. That’s why I was excited to be introduced to a company called Grab the Gold. They offer unique, healthy, natural snack bars for healthy, active people.


 What is Grab the Gold?

Grab the Gold is a woman-owned, family-based company. They aim to provide high-quality delicious protein snacks to consumers. They believe in giving back to the community by making donations to important causes. Some of the charities they support are: Make A Wish Foundation, St. Jude’s Research Hospital, Operation Homefront and many more. You can learn about the causes they support by visiting the Grab the Gold Philosophy page. 


Grab the Gold offers a high-quality, natural snack bar made with organic oats and soy nuggets. This snack bar is totally unique and not like anything you’ve had before. Trust me! My husband and I enjoy having protein snack bars for those on-the-go moments. This bar has a unique texture and delicious flavor you’re sure to love. It comes in a yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie and provides instant energy with a blend of simple and complex carbs. It’s a perfect pre or post-workout snack because it isn’t heavy in your tummy, but provides the satisfaction and energy to get you through a workout!

Natural Ingredients

One thing that makes me crazy about some “health food bars” is that they’re filled with a bunch of synthetic chemicals and sweeteners. How are synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners a “healthy” snack? They’re not, in my opinion. This amazing snack-bar is gluten-free too! I was thrilled to read the ingredients in Grab the Gold! This snack bar is actually filled with healthy, natural ingredients and I love the fact that they choose organic and non-GMO. Here’s what’s inside: Organic Non-GMO Oats, Natural Peanut Butter, Non-GMO soy flour, glucose syrup, cane sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, fruit juice, brown rice dextrins, canola oil, lecithin, cocoa, and vanilla. That’s it! How sweet is that?

Ready to try Grab the Gold?

There’s so much to love about Grab the Gold, from the company’s upstanding mission to their delicious, natural snack treats. Visit Grab the Gold and order today. They will even send you a free sample to try before you buy. Gotta love that! I’m thrilled to be hosting a giveaway of Grab the Gold. One lucky winner will receive a pack of Grab the Gold snack bars. Enter for your chance to win! Giveaway open to US Residents 18 and older.

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