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As a personal trainer and strength coach, putting together workouts is only part of my daily job. Trying to find healthy options for my clients that they will actually eat can be the hardest part of being a trainer.  I was recently introduced to Grab The Gold snack bars and shared them with all of my staff and clients. The overwhelming response was that everyone loved them! As a self-professed chocolate addict, they hit the spot without sending my blood sugar on a roller coaster. To me, they have a perfect mix of carbs to protein for a quick out the door breakfast or a mid-afternoon pick me up. Many of my clients’ workout between 5-10 a.m and they used them as a pre-workout meal. Every single one of them felt like it gave them more energy than their previous choices. Last Friday I completed two workouts and a 5 mile run after eating a bar and felt like I had a little left. For anyone that is struggling to find a quick breakfast or healthy snack then I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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Many thanks to Shaun Daugherty of Fusion Performance and Fitness of Nashville!

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