Grab The Gold Review
Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours
Grab The Gold snack bar is amazing in taste, texture and energy level. The customers are loyal fans. It is a small business with a personal touch. The story of how it started, the challenges faced, how it has grown for 20 years is worthy of a must-read book. Below are some highlights . . . to read more about Grab The Gold click here
I was sent a box of 12 Snack Bars to review on my blog. I honestly never heard of Grab The Gold before so I was happy to give this product a try because I work part-time and I am always looking for a healthy snack to snack on during my break. With that being said these are actually pretty good I guess the semi sweet chocolate chips got me because it was yummy. I love the texture and the way it’s chewy to eat.
 My first Grab The Gold snack bar and look how delicious this looks some chocolate melted on my hand it was delicious I wanted more, like one wasn’t enough for me that is how good they tasted. With this snack bar there is no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, 0g trans fat, dairy free, vegan, gluten free & high in fiber with 7g. It also has 0 cholesterol I am on a diet so I am actually high in cholesterol and needed to be on a diet so I was glad this was at 0.
 I recommend these snack bars to everyone & anyone who likes a nice healthy snack. Also what is really cool on their website you don’t have to buy a whole entire box if you want to sample one bar is only 2.49 with shipping included so you can actually try one and enjoy it and if you like it come back and buy more (: GREAT IDEA!!!! Find out more here
I enjoyed Grab The Gold snack bar and so did my family, click below for more information
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