Fueling the Fall Semester: Balanced Snacks for Back-to-School Season

Fueling the Fall Semester: Balanced Snacks for Back-to-School Season

Between the crisp Autumn mornings that we all anticipate and the heat of a summer hanging on too long, is the hustle of yet another school year beginning. Though this circles around annually, the change doesn’t seem to get easier.

Whether it is your child’s first day of kindergarten or first night in a college dorm, the milestones of this season can be both exciting and exhausting. Often, what gets lost in this change is balanced nutrition. Finding time to fuel your body with what it needs can be hard.

What if there’s a simpler way to do more than just survive through these busy days? At Grab The Gold, we believe you can achieve everyday victories, big or small, and we are here to support and celebrate you in reaching them. So, enjoy four tips for fueling your fall semester with balanced snacks for the back-to-school season. 

Making the Most Important Meal Easy

Even in the rush of figuring out changing schedules and routines, a balanced breakfast is key to sustaining energy throughout the morning, fueling you for the rest of the day to come. A mix of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals makes for a balanced breakfast that will help restore glycogen levels to maintain your daily metabolism.

Breakfast will also boost brainpower. To get going, your brain needs glucose–the sugar from foods giving your body the energy it needs. 


Yes, breakfast is a must in the busyness of the school year! However, holding together all of the new details of the new season, along with figuring out how to serve balanced breakfasts, can be overwhelming.

So, here is a Quick & Easy [Gluten & Dairy Free] Fall Breakfast Recipe for the busy Back-to-School season:

bowl of yogurt with granola and fresh fruit

Fall-Inspired Pumpkin Granola Bowl: 

Pair this granola yogurt bowl with a piece of fruit, and whala! You have a balanced breakfast, simple enough to eat before running out the door or to take on the go. Get 11g of protein and 7g of Fiber just from the Grab The Gold bar on top–topping with nut butter and granola, add even more protein, fiber, and carbohydrates.

A Grab The Gold snack bar with a piece of fruit is another quick grab-and-go breakfast for the craziest days. These sustaining bars provide long-lasting energy to promote mental alertness for those early morning classes.

backpack on a blanket in a park with grab the gold bars

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Boost: Stay Energized and Focused

After making it out the door and into classes, work, and/or the gym, the day begins to speed by in a blur. A rumble in our stomachs wakes us out of the mid-morning haze and the afternoon stupor to realize we're hungry again!

Our habits in between meal times can be what shape the meals we choose throughout the day. Mid-morning and Afternoon snacks are key to adjusting to this fall semester successfully! Spreading out our time to eat throughout the day improves our metabolism. Balanced snacking will reduce hunger at mealtimes, making for better portioning and clearer decisions. 

Clearing the brain fog from being hungry also creates clarity in studies and classwork. Grab The Gold bars are convenient, delicious, and balanced solutions to the mid-morning and afternoon rumbles. The protein and fiber content in Grab The Gold bars will help stabilize blood sugar levels and sustain energy.

Enjoy adding a Fall flair to your morning snack and afternoon pick-me-up with a 

Dorm Snacking Done Right: Study Session Support

Another unique challenge of the coming Fall season–dorm room snacking. Everyone knows that dorms aren't exactly known for their gourmet kitchens. But does that mean you must resort to chips and soda when it's time to hit the books for those Fall midterms?

Grab The Gold snacks bars are the perfect study snack for any time of day.

  • Whether it's early morning studies or those late-night cram sessions, these bars are the study buddy you didn't know you needed – sustaining, energizing, and delicious.
  • They are easy to throw in a backpack and have ready at any point of the day – pre-packaged yet with a homemade no-bake-cookie taste.
  • They’ll be the taste of home for college students feeling a little homesick in the hustle of Fall classes, midterms, and sports events.
To make this quick snack fun and unique, create a Fall snack board. Pack a cutting board, plate, or platter with Grab The Gold bars, apples, pretzels, nuts, and fruit.

overhead view of a wooden table with a backpack, laptop, and journal

Balanced On-the Go Snacking: A Path to Academic Enjoyment

All in all, remember that striving for balanced nutrition this Fall doesn’t just help with academic success but academic enjoyment. When you’re eating well, you feel good, and when you feel good, learning becomes a joy. So, getting creative with your snacking and meal times can be a simple aid in helping your children (or yourself) love learning. 

Experiment with different snacking combinations with Grab The Gold. Whether you're on campus, at home, or somewhere in between, our snack bars are here to help you achieve little victories this Fall.

Here's to a successful and delicious Fall semester. Grab The Gold, conquer this season in all its changes, and savor the journey!

Written by: ReNay Nelson

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