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Clean Ingredients

You deserve the best. Our secret is simple recipes made with quality ingredients, so you can Grab The Gold.

Balanced Nutrition

Delicious products that fit any lifestyle. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Sugar, High Protein, High Fiber… we’ve got you covered.

Irresistable Taste

Healthy should be delicious. Don’t settle for other bland energy bars or products packed full of sugar. You deserve sweet treats you don’t have to feel guilty about.

We all need everyday victories

There are many ways to win; crushing your workout, finishing the marathon, closing that deal at work, getting your kids to make better decisions.

It’s not always easy, but Grab The Gold wants you to know that you have what it takes to win.

Our line of products is all about helping you achieve those everyday victories.

Join the millions of others and celebrate the victories in your life. Grab The Gold today.

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Our line of Grab the Gold products are great all day — the boost before your morning run, supplements after your workout, that mid-afternoon snack, or a sweet treat at the end of the day.

Grab The Gold

Celebrate reaching your goals by grabbing the gold.

Whether you are at the gym, the field, the office, or the home, Grab The Gold lets you know, “you have what it takes to win.”

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You’ve got important goals to reach.

Whether you are at the gym, the field, the office, or the home, Grab the Gold lets you know, “you have what it takes to win.”

For the bodybuilder, the adventurer, the parent, or the professional, Grab The Gold is for you.

You already have enough on your mind. Keep your sights focused on your goals, not on an endless list of ingredients. Our products utilize simple, honest ingredients to keep you on your game. Strong enough for the morning workout, simple enough to be enjoyed by any age.

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We ship year round so we get this question a lot! A lot of people love their Grab The Gold bars melted like a fresh cookie. Some customers even microwave them or leave them in a hot car on purpose! Because we use high quality chocolate (not that fake waxy coating stuff!) the chips melt easily when above room temperature. If this happens to your bars, don’t panic! They are not ruined and will still be delicious. Just bring your bars inside and let them sit for a few hours to reform, or you can even stick them in the fridge.

We now have 2 flavors


You can’t go wrong with a Chocolate Peanut Butter duo! This is our original snack bar that was created in 1990.

Starting with a delicious creamy peanut butter base, we mix in high quality, organic chocolate chips and thick cut organic oats. We top it off with a taste of golden brown rice syrup to create a bar with an irresistible no-bake cookie taste.

Your mouth says “Yummy!” and you will be full for hours with balanced energy.

Grab The Gold bars are sure to be your new favorite guilt-free snack!



After 28 years, we finally added a NEW flavor!

Peanut Butter & Jelly is the classic flavor combination we all grew up loving. Now you can enjoy it in our balanced snack bar!

With an irresistible creamy peanut butter taste, this timeless flavor is loaded with thick cut organic oats and soft cranberries infused with apple juice. It tastes just like peanut butter & jelly – without the guilt.

It’s the same great nutrition you expect from Grab The Gold in a fun new flavor your family will love!

Learn more about our product here.

Yes! As we grow, we would like to have a separate facility to process bars with almond, cashew or other tree nut butters. While this doesn’t appeal to those with peanut allergies, we hope to be able to cater to that group of people one day as well! Sign up to receive updates.

While some people may not prefer to use soy in their diet, we like that soy is a complete plant protein. That means it contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition.

Because soy is a plant-based protein, it allows Grab The Gold to be vegan friendly and dairy-free. Other bars that use dairy-based protein, such as whey, can can cause digestive issues like bloating and cramping.

Although there is controversy around soy, we use high quality non-GMO soy. There are a handful of other popular bars that use soy as well. Clif, Kind, Luna Bar and Lara Bar all use soy in their chocolate peanut butter bars.

As we continue to grow and introduce more flavors to our product line, we hope to offer a soy-­free option in the near future. We understand that everyone has different dietary and nutrition needs and that products with soy are not right for everyone. We would love to keep you posted on any developments down the road as we work on a product that caters to those who need a soy-free bar! Sign up to receive updates.

Yes! Our FDA-inspected facility is dedicated gluten free.

Yes, it is. We have third party ELISA testing on our ingredients and our product to ensure it is gluten free. The FDA guidelines for gluten free are >20ppm (less than 20 parts per million), and guidelines for certification are >10ppm. Our ingredients and the product do not show ANY traces of gluten.

Yes! The oats we source are certified gluten free by SAI Global and the Allergen Control Group, Inc. The whole grain oats are also organic and non-GMO. The gluten free certification for our oats is available upon request.

We are proud that Grab The Gold bars are preservative free! The shelf life is 12 months. We suggest you eat your bars in the first few months for ultimate freshness. If you find a bar forgotten in your gym bag or tucked away to keep it hidden from your spouse or kids, just check the “Best By” date on the back of your wrapper!

Yes! Storing your bars in the fridge or freezer slows or halts their aging. Cryotherapy always preserves! Lol.