The Best Snack For Cycling & Mountain Biking

The Best Snack For Cycling & Mountain Biking

If you’re a cyclist in Tennessee, there is no better way to celebrate the beauty of  Fall than cycling through the changing leaves and scenic views of Centerville, TN. The perfect place to experience this is through Gravel Revival, a multi-day gravel festival for all levels of cyclists.

At Grab The Gold, we provide balanced snack bars perfect for keeping cyclists fueled through long rides with their calorie, protein, and fiber content. In celebration of Gravel Revival approaching, cycling adventures, and fueling snacks, we are excited to introduce you to someone who enjoys all three!

Meet Tyson, a passionate cyclist who has made biking his way of life. Let’s dive into Tyson's story, his love for cycling, and how he fuels his adventures with Grab The Gold products.

Tyson's Cycling Journey: A Meditation on Two Wheels

For Tyson, biking isn't just a physical activity; it's a way of life. He's been hitting the road and trails for over a decade, cycling 4-6 days a week - depending on the season.

Cycling since 2010, he began to fully embrace the sport, diving headfirst into training and races in 2014. The structured training and the process of pushing himself to new limits made him fall in love with the sport, as well as it being a meditation zone for him. 

Grab The Gold: The Perfect Cycling Fuel

A cyclist’s secret to powering through long rides – consistent snacking. So, for Tyson, Grab The Gold was the perfect discovery!

Our gluten-free and dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter snack bars are more than just a delicious treat. Packed with 193 calories, 11g of protein, and 7g of fiber, they're the ideal companion for long cycling ventures.

But it's not just about the nutrition but the taste. Tyson finds a nostalgic flavor in Grab The Gold bars that take him back to childhood memories, reminding him of his mom's no-bake cookies.

The protein content and unbeatable taste make Grab The Gold bars Tyson's go-to midday snack, sustaining him through long, challenging rides.

He loves to keep Grab The Gold bars in his jersey pocket, ensuring he stays fueled and focused.


Join Tyson in the Gravel Revival Adventure

Whether you’re a veteran cyclist, like Tyson, or new to the sport, Gravel Revival is the place for you!  The event is just around the corner, from October 20th to 22nd – sign up today!

And don’t forget to fuel your adventures with Grab The Gold! With balanced ingredients and a nostalgic and delicious taste, we are here to help you accomplish everyday victories!

Don't miss this opportunity to join Grab The Gold, Tyson, and fellow adventurers at the Gravel Revival event – it will be an unforgettable experience! 🚴‍♂️✨


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