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What Are Booty Bands And Why Should I Use Them?

Booty bands, also known as resistance bands, are for everyone. The size and flexibility of the bands make them easy to take with you when you travel. You can bring a few of them to the park for a workout if you don’t have a gym membership. Or you can use them in the comfort of your own living room if you’re not ready to “go public”, with your booty bands.

Plus, they come in multiple resistance levels, so they can be used for various workouts. “They’re not just for your glutes, people!” Their versatility actually makes them one of the simplest tools for a full-body workout. Check out how Syndey Cummings torches 300 calories in 30 minutes!

So here’s the list we came up with as to why you should incorporate booty bands, ie. resistance bands, into your next workout regardless of who you are.

1. Best bang for your buck. Booty bands generally range anywhere from $6-$40 dollars for a set, depending on quantity and quality. Oftentimes, you can’t buy 1 set of dumbbells for that price, let alone in all of the different weight increments you want. Need help deciding which ones to buy? Check out this list of the Best Booty Bands of 2021. The folks at Don’ did the hard part for you.

2. Easy transportation and compact style. A set of booty bands fits into luggage, a gym bag, a backpack or even a large pocket if you prefer. This way you always have your workout equipment handy at a moment’s notice. There will never be a reason for excuses again.

3. Wider range of targeted muscles. When you’re using weights or other gym equipment, you’re probably only able to focus on a single muscle group. With booty bands, you’re able to incorporate balance as well, which requires engagement from multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This equals a better overall workout. You win!

4. They can make you a stronger runner. How the heck is that possible you might ask? Well, according to, because booty bands help you use more stabilizing muscles, you might realize when you “feel the burn”, after your first booty band workout, you’ve possibly been slacking on certain muscle groups. Not to mention, the areas you can target with resistance bands can help prevent painful injuries like shin splints.

5. Variety – No more boredom. If you’re like me, you get bored with your workout routines fairly quickly if you don’t switch it up. Enter the Booty Band! The versatility of booty band workouts is ongoing. People are always coming up with new variations and ways to use them. Ways you might not have thought of. Another Win!

Looking for ideas, check out this workout from Self Magazine. Or if you’re looking for a “Manlier Resistance Band Workout”, check this one out from Men’s Health Magazine. They give you 55 resistance band moves you can do at home. Wow, that would keep me going for a while!

This is just a start. The list goes on! No matter your fitness level or workout style, there’s a resistance band workout for you. So if you’ve been apprehensive about giving booty bands a try, hopefully you learned something new today and can now boldly go try something new.

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