Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

By engaging with Grab The Gold's Affiliate Scheme, you expressly concede to abide by the succeeding terms and conditions:

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

By engaging in the Grab The Gold Affiliate Scheme, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Your agreement manifests your express consent to all the provisions contained herein.

Article I: Admission

1.1 To engage as an affiliate, fill out our form accessible on our affiliate registration webpage.

1.2 Grab The Gold retains sole discretion to accept or reject any application for an affiliate partnership.

Article II: Duties of Affiliates

2.1 Post admission into the scheme, a unique affiliate link/code will be furnished for you to endorse our goods/services.

2.2 Affiliates shall uphold lawful and ethical standards in promoting our goods/services.

2.3 Affiliates bear exclusive responsibility for the content and precision of promotional materials.

2.4 All promotional content crafted should be devoid of watermarks and submitted to Grab The Gold for its utilization across social media platforms.

2.5 Affiliates must tag Grab The Gold’s social media account (@grabthegold) on any post disseminated with their affiliate link/code.

Article III: Commission Framework

3.1 Affiliates will gain a commission for each eligible sale referred, in accordance with the pre-determined commission structure.

3.2 The commission will be computed based on the net sales amount post deduction of any pertinent taxes, refunds, discounts, and/or freight charges.

Article IV: Eligible Sales

4.1 A commission will be accorded only if the referred customer finalizes the purchase using your designated affiliate ID/link/code.

4.2 Such transactions must be authenticated and confirmed by us or a third-party software.

4.3 Grab The Gold holds the prerogative to review and reject any sales not conforming to our terms and conditions.

Article V: Remuneration

5.1 Commissions shall be disbursed monthly, specifically on the first Monday of each month for the preceding month's transactions.

5.2 The payout method for commission earnings will be established during affiliate onboarding.

5.3 Affiliates are accountable for delivering accurate and current payment information.

5.4 Commission earnings shall remain unaffected by returned orders, ensuring commission on all tracked orders.

Article VI: Modifications and Dissolution

6.1 Grab The Gold reserves the authority to amend or dissolve the affiliate scheme at any time, with prior notification.

6.2 To withdraw from the affiliate scheme, affiliates must furnish a written notice via email to

6.3 Dissolution of the affiliate scheme will result in the forfeiture of any unpaid commissions.

Article VII: Legal Compliance

7.1 Affiliates pledge to comply with all relevant laws and regulations concerning their participation in the scheme.

7.2 Affiliates assume sole responsibility for any legal ramifications or liabilities stemming from their promotional activities.

Article VIII: Alterations

8.1 Grab The Gold reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any given time without prior notification.

8.2 Affiliates will be notified of any amendments via email or through our affiliate portal.

8.3 Continued engagement with the affiliate scheme following any alterations signifies your acceptance of the updated terms.

Article IX: Liability Limitation

9.1 Grab The Gold shall not be held accountable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from your engagement in the affiliate scheme.

9.2 Grab The Gold's total liability, under any circumstance, shall not surpass the total commissions earned by you during the three-month period preceding the event leading to the liability.

Article X: Governing Law

10.1 The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Tennessee.