Responsible Sourcing

We not only care about you and your family, we care about families around the world. The world’s resources are limited and we have a responsibility to purchase ingredients that are sustainable – practices that give back more than they take. The best companies leave the world better than they found it. These companies contribute by improving the environment and the quality of life of the people in the community.

Organic Sugar

We are proud our organic sugar is grown and harvested under The Green Cane Project in Brazil. Launched in 1987, it is the largest sustainable agriculture project in the world!

There is complete transparency – being vertically integrated farm to mill, and family-run since 1946.

  • 100% Carbon Neutral – from the fields to warehouses in North America and Europe.
  • Pioneered green cane harvesting, replacing the destructive practice of burning cane fields.
  • Replaced synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with natural pest and disease control.
  • Planted over 1 million trees to create 11,000 acres of greenways or “biodiversity islands” on its farms to attract beneficial wildlife.
  • Implemented environmental and social programs for employees and the community.

Organic Chocolate and Organic Cocoa

For over 30 years, the Equal Partner Buying Program has provided support that helps cacao farmers sustainably increase the yield of their farms, improve the quality of their beans and earn a better living.

The Equal Partner Buying Program is a sustainable, ethical business model that generates social, economic and environmental benefits for cocoa growers.

The Equal Partner Buying Program

  • This collaboration pre-dates the oldest formal fair trade certification.
  • Was first implemented in the Dominican Republic, then in Peru and now in Uganda.
  • Because of this program, growing cocoa has become a safe, legal alternative source of income to the drug trade in Peru.
  • Guaranteed business and premium price allows co-op communities to have money to build schools, health clinics and expand social programs in the Dominican Republic.You can feel good that when you purchase Grab The Gold, not only are you are giving your family a great snack, but you are contributing to families around the world.

2015-2019 Donations by Grab The Gold

Grab The Gold is a snack people Feel Good about eating and giving to their families… And it’s a business they Feel Good about supporting.


Each purchase of Grab The Gold bars help provide meals through our partnership with Feeding America, so you can feel good knowing your purchase helps those in need.

  • Portion of every bar sold goes back into our community
  • Contribute over 40,000 meals a year
  • Donate our product to charities and fundraisers
  • Partner with Red Cross for disaster relief
  • Donated 4.5 tons of snack bars and over 1.25 tons of peanut butter for hurricane victims