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Grab The Gold

Monthly Must-Haves Bundle

Monthly Must-Haves Bundle

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Snack Bars

Your Monthly Supply Drop

Whether you're a long-time fan or just now discovering Grab The Gold, the Monthly Must-Haves Bundle is perfect for you!

Do you always feel like you're fighting to get more energy throughout the day, or are you always hitting afternoon slumps? Imagine a day of constant energy, your cravings satisfied, and feeling like you've just won the day. The Monthly Must-Haves Bundle includes 24 protein-packed snack bars and a 30-day supply of our one-of-a-kind energy & hydration drink mix, Aqua Charge™, so you can Grab The Gold.

Included In This Bundle:

Our snack bars are packed with 11g of protein, 7g of fiber, and enough potassium as a small banana. It's perfect to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee, before that long meeting or class, pre/post workout, or a nice treat at night with the kids. 

Perfectly paired with Aqua Charge, powered by Bioenergy Ribose, your energy levels will increase at the cellular level while you rehydrate with superior electrolytes. Enjoy the refreshing raspberry lemonade flavor with no caffeine, no jitters, and no stimulants. Just clean ingredients for optimal energy & hydration.

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