Snack Attack: How to Get More From Your Snack with Fiber and Protein

By: Kaylee White, Ghergich & Co.

We’re excited to feature this post from our friends at Quill and Ghergich & Co. on the importance of snacking clean and making sure that you get your daily fiber and protein! Read below to get some helpful hints and facts about what to munch on throughout your day!

Do you have a distinct time when you eat—and do you eat just three meals a day? Decades ago, the answer was probably, “Yes,” for most people just ate three meals and probably nothing more. But that’s changed, of course: our eating habits are much different than they were in years past. For one, the hard line around mealtimes has grown blurry, and we’ve become a nation of snackers

For example, 90 percent of us snack during the day, and some snack up to five times—each and every day. Those snacks aren’t great, much of the time, but packed full of empty calories. Instead, what we should be looking for are snacks that fill us with protein and fiber. To make those snacks doesn’t take a whole bunch of special ingredients, either—just some thought. Here’s a graphic to get you started on the road to healthier, better-for-you snacking.


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Snack Attack: How to get more from your snack with fiber and protein
Infographic by Quill

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